Why? The big question!

When I run workshops and classes and we have a bit of down time, which by the way isn’t often since Bluebell’s classes are jam packed, students often ask me why I decided to teach silver clay.
I usually say something along the lines of;

“Well I am passionate about silver clay; I mean I really love the stuff! I love working with it and I used to be a corporate trainer, so the two skills just kinda meshed and here we are!”

However, I’ve been giving this a whole lot more thought recently. I’ve been giving some serious consideration to the big question – why do I do what I do? It’s a powerful, simple question and if you give yourself some time to think about it, an answer might just come creeping into your mind. So many of us wander through our lives without taking stock and actually think ‘Why am I doing this?’and fewer still actually take the time to answer the question. I am definitely one of those peeps!

Ask yourself! You might be surprised by answer.

Ask yourself! You might be surprised by answer.

So why do I train people to make silver clay jewellery?

  • Firstly and let’s get this out of the way, we all need to earn a crust, pay for our kids clothes, books, toys etc and training students in silver clay is a way for me to do that. An honest transfer of energy. But it’s way more than that.
  • I am a trainer – in my previous life (BBBDS – Before Bluebell Design Studio) I used to devise, create, write and deliver corporate training courses on billing systems for the telecommunications industry. I flew around the world for several years doing that. I enjoyed it and therefore continuing training in some form or another was a good fit for me. But it’s way more than that too.
  • I love silver clay and I love working with it. I think it’s an amazing, flexible medium which has so many possibilities. And it opens up a whole new jewellery making world for people who might otherwise not have considered silver as a possible addition to their crafting skills. But you’ve guessed it, it’s way more than that too! However – you knew that was coming didn’t you?
A typical set of projects for a Beginner's Workshop

A typical set of projects for a Beginner’s Workshop

The bottom line is it gives me an incredible amount of joy and satisfaction to teach my lovely students a set of skills they really want to learn and see them achieve more that they thought they could at the start of the workshop. I realise that people have chosen to come and spend their time and their money with me; that this training workshop isn’t just another day, but it’s something special and memorable. A day that will hopefully stay with them for a long time as a positive and uplifting experience. I feel very honoured to be part of someone’s life even if it is for a short time, to know that I have given them something that they have enjoyed and felt accomplished doing. Although it has to be said, a lot of my students come back to me for more workshops and some of them even become friends.

First time ring making. Rings by Anne.

First time ring making. Rings by Anne.

So, when you ask the tiny question ‘Why?’ sometimes it can open up doors for you, give you revelations you didn’t realise were in there! Or maybe I am just odd ;o)

Either way, I am incredibly grateful to all my students who have come into my life – the joy, the triumphs, the breakages, the secrets, the laughs, the fun and the cake you have shared with me.

Thank you all.

P.S. If you fancy coming along and experiencing the “Bluebell way” of teaching Silver Clay, have a look at our workshop schedule.