Bluebell Design Studio’ s brand new look

Well I thought it was time for a new look and feel to Bluebell Design Studio and from the feedback from my fabulous customers, they thought it was overdue too!

Welcome to BBDS home page slideIt’s been a difficult start to the year so far with sudden personal loss and the far reaching changes that sort of loss can bring. I felt it was either sit and feel miserable and drown in the grief I was feeling or try to look outside and start recovering. I have a young family and a very supportive husband – which is just as well, because I think I was a bit of a ‘mare for a while. And it’s strange because people don’t know what to do or what to say. I’ve learned that just turning up and offering a shoulder and a cup of tea can work wonders.

I’ve also learned that immersing yourself in something that you love works wonders too. I’m really lucky that I do have things I need to focus on. Children just demand your attention  and I am fortunate enough to have Silver Clay School, my online teaching business that has needed care and  regular monthly updates because I could have so easily slid down that road into dark and deep depression. As it is, I am holding my head above the water and at the moment that’s good enough for me.

But I have been up to other things, trying to control what I can control and that’s the reason for the revamp and the rebrand. Because you know yourself some things – like that dreaded spring cleaning – play on your mind and itch away at its peace. I’ve been feeling like that about my website and my online shop for about 12 months now. But since my dad’s death, I’ve been thinking – JUST DO IT (OK there is one or two sweary words in that very short sentence too!) but you catch my drift. I just got fed up of having it there and accusing me of being lazy. And in the end it didn’t take too long at all.

So here’s to a new look and a new branding with a more energized Emma. I have to say that I happier than usual to see the first signs of Spring – it’s been a long winter for me.

But there have been a couple of really lovely experiences for me so far – I don’t want you to think it’s all doom and gloom cos it certainly isn’t. I was featured in Making Jewellery this year – proudly as their Featured Artist – ooh get me!

Emma Gordon Featured Artist Making Jewellery Issue90

Emma Gordon Featured Artist MJ90

I was quite bowled over to be asked and really happy to do it. Who wouldn’t be? I also had a project in this edition too (Making Jewellery Issue 90 if you’re interested). And the familiar purple is creeping into that design too! Having that magazine drop through my letterbox one dreary February morning definitely cheered me up!

Emma Gordon Silver Clay project Making Jewellery Issue 90

Emma Gordon Mokume Gane effect MJ90

So what’s the next 9 months going to hold? Who knows, but stick around because 2016 can only get better from here on in.

Til next time

Love Emma