Trying out the MetalClays Bead Builder

This month I have been trying out a new product that I was thinking about stocking in my shop. I played with *ahem worked with* the MetalClays Bead Builder.

I love trying out new things silver clay related and I have been looking at this product for a while and wondering if it worked and also how it worked. They are clever peeps at MetalClays and they have developed a few products that take the guess work out of some of the more tricky aspects of making metal clay jewellery. Take the Pandora charm for instance – it’s easy enough to make a charm and put a pandora-esque link on it to allow it to hand from the bracelet, but the all in one hollow charm? That’s a whole new level of making a bead in silver clay.

Silver Clay Beads made with bead builder

Silver Clay Beads made with bead builder

Fortunately the Bead Builder can help you with that! Now you can make the same bead over and over and not worry about the accuracy of size of the hole or whether it looks like the last one you sold!

I found the process of making the beads very satisfying and when I posted this image on Facebook had a couple of sales enquiries (for me to make them!) within an hour, which showed me that they could be really popular. They can be textured however you like; you can use the Frame adaptor, it makes a lovely wee recess which can be filled with resin, or photos or even ashes.

Being me, I documented (on gorgeous video) how I did it and I thought I would share with you.. So click on the video link and enjoy! And if you’d like to try the Bead Builder for yourself, then let me know – I might just stock it in the shop and save you the pesky trouble of ordering from the States (Customs charges and delivery charges notwithstanding!)

I hope you enjoy!

Love Emma